Less Known Tips To Speed Up Your Website’s Loading Time!


A slow loading website can annoy your customers and eventually, they will turn away from buying your products and services. Whereas an optimized website designing can act as your platform to give your potential users, a speed and a relaxing self service environment, which can actually save their time and money.

Web public is impatient and most of them hate to wait. If your web designing pages load slower than their patience level, you will find yourself in a deep trouble of losing your customers. As your website structure becomes complicated with time, the more you will run into jeopardy of losing your clients. Consider revamping your website from a leading website design Toronto Company, whenever you feel your site is running slow.

Why should you consider speeding up your website?

  1. Your website’s SEO is heavily dependent on your web page speed. A slow website is difficult to rank high on the search engines.
  2. Speedy service is something users expect, whether they are browsing your website on a desktop or Smartphone. Regardless of their connecting speed, they expect your pages to load quickly.

Explore these 6 tips to boost your website’s loading time

  1. Remove the unwanted or irrelevant images on your web page. The next step is to make them optimized at 72ppi which is the best for the screen resolution. Most of us set our images at print resolution which creates hindrance while loading.
  2. System typography works well for navigation. Prefer using CSS to create rollover effects. It is beneficial with respect to SEO and also, the Google crawlers cannot read images, but text only. You may also take help from a trusted website design Toronto Company.
  3. Shorten the size of your website’s initial HTML page as little coding tends to load faster. A website design Toronto Company can assist you in the website designing process.
  4. Avoid using WYSIWYG editors for the HTML code generation for your website as this is not considered good as per the web designing It is because these auto-generated softwares generate an unnecessary and a long set of codes, which increase the loading time of the website. This is the reason, it is always better to code manually than to rely on these softwares. Manual coding can eliminate the undesired set of tags to almost 50 percent, which could contribute to achieve your aim for a faster loading time.
  5. Most browsers process HTML codes 10 times faster than the JavaScript and for this reason, use HTML with PHP, wherever possible.
  6. Nested tables were the thing of past. Nowadays, responsive design has occupied their space as the nested tables are recognized by a very few browsers which can cause trouble during a website loading time.

Additionally, look for other factors such as hosting errors, external embedded media and fancy flash that can be incompatible with the websites, causing it slow during loading. In case, you don’t understand it well, it is better asking a professional website design Toronto Company.

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