Top 5 Strategies To Boost Your SEO Plan In 2015

seo-imageSEO world is dynamic, the search engine techniques are consistently changing and there is a race to the top among businesses to gain a better rank on the SERP. With the addition of the Google Penguin in late 2014, many websites have seen a downfall. Everyone is wondering how to survive in 2015 from the Google penalties. Now, you might be thinking if your existing search engine optimization techniques will work in this year or not.

Well, there is nothing to fear but to work on effective SEO strategies that can actually enhance your rank on the search engine. You will need to mingle your SEO techniques with the other digital marketing aspects like SMO and SMM. This could prove a real game changer in building online presence of your business. The following factors will help you build a solid SEO strategy in 2015.

1. Encourage Quality Content

Quality content is set to prove a real game changer tactic in this year. If you really want to see your brand success, you will need a top-notch content to fulfill your purpose. The well written the content is, the more traffic, business and eventually the revenue, you will generate in 2015. You will be valued by Google for using conversational type keywords and reward will be of course, a top ranking in the SERP.

For example, in the past, most people used to search “car rentals in Brampton”. However, trends are changing to “how to find a car rental in Brampton?” Most users have started to look for things in questionable form. If you update your targeted keywords accordingly, you could expect a massive traffic driving towards your website.

2. Use SEO Optimized URLs

Encourage yourself to use SEO targeted URLs for better results. Opting to consider a SEO-friendly URL can be relatively easy, especially if you are using a CMS like WordPress.

For example, if your website contains a keyword “driving school Calgary”, then it must be used as for the better optimization of your website. This effective tactic is sure to work in 2015 as it gives readers a clear picture and better insight of what the website is about. Master this technique and see your business growing leaps and bounds.

3. Make Your Website Mobile-Optimized

According to a Google’s study, about 70% percent of the website traffic comes from the mobile. Thus, they have strictly issued guidelines for the use of mobile responsive websites. Unfortunately, Google is penalizing websites which are not able to satisfy mobile users. Therefore, you would need to put a sincere effort in making your website mobile friendly to increase the conversion rate in 2015.

4. Use Social Media Or SMM For Online Reputation

This is an era of social media and Google acknowledges it. Your brand’s social media presence can remarkably contribute to the success of your business. To implement it effectively, you will need to create your presence on social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more. The more aggressive your approach for SMM is, the better results you can expect. Promote your company and get benefited from it.

5. Broken Link Building For Better Results

Broken link building is another advanced strategy that will work in 2015. Analyze for broken links submitted to the other websites, contact with their webmasters to immediately replace them with the current working links. These bad links bring bad reputation to your business, so, must be quickly checked for issues. You may use Google tools like Disavow to remove these dead links.

Never implement black hat techniques to gain a short term advantage. Only ethical SEO techniques can help you build a lifetime online reputation. Make sure you strictly follow Google’s policies to win their trust for quality. If you strictly follow above mentioned effective SEO techniques, you will gain an edge over your competitors in 2015.

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